[tex-live] Re: [Omega] Re: URGENT!!

Lorna_Priest@sil.org Lorna_Priest@sil.org
Wed, 15 May 2002 14:25:45 -0500

On 05/15/2002 03:03:07 PM Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>we have an English saying about "the tail wagging the dog". to
>delay the release of the CD because of Omega would be fairly
>odd. maybe when your book comes out, people will start looking at it,
>but are there seriously more than a dozen people making any use of it?
>many many thousands of people *have* it, of course, and many many
>people *want* it to succeed, but can anyone apart from Apostolos,
>Idris and Gregg claim to use in "production"? maybe Yannis does?
>but he seems to be under a vow of silence :-}

I have used it in production and I have helped at least 2 other people in
not on this list use it for production, but am currently discouraged with
its status and am not using it for real work at the minute.

I don't mind 1.23 being on the CD though since I'm planning to keep my 1.15
installation until I see from this list that it is stable, has easier ways
to use my TrueType fonts and hopefully has more pdftex features.