[tex-live] Re: URGENT!!

Hans Hagen pragma@wxs.nl
Wed, 15 May 2002 19:51:06 +0200

At 08:28 PM 5/15/2002 +0300, Apostolos Syropoulos wrote:

> > Omega has always been unstable and experimental, hasn't it?
>And so is pdfTeX, e-TeX, and so on, but that's not the point, right?

eh ... etex was always tested pretty well before being published, and 
pdftex was never that unstable, actually, pdfetex (watch the e) is a pretty 
stable replacement of tex today; far more important: bugs in pdftex were 
fixed pretty fast and even more important: versins that went on tex live 
(or on sites) were really torture tested.

so, as a learning experience: how come that 1.23 ended up on public servers 
and in distributions; i think that future omega releases should have beta 
versions alongside less-beta versions

and, curious, what happened to version 1.16-1.22?

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