[tex-live] Re: TL7 deadline on May, 19??

Volker RW Schaa v.r.w.schaa@gsi.de
Fri, 10 May 2002 00:05:51 +0200

Staszek Wawrykiewicz wrote:

>>Concerning CD production: I talked to Lehmanns yesterday about TeXLive 7.
>>Chr. Kaeder decided to produce a CD set with two CDs in a digifile package
>>(= cardboard box). Costs for the user groups max 1.50 Euro per set. Definite
>>prices mid of next week.
> Volker, have you already fixed the deadline for Lehmanns?
Production will start when the CD is ready (with decent documentation).
Yesterday I got the prices from Lehmanns:
    2 CD set in digifile package
       1.50 Euro + VAT and shipping for Euro zone countries
       1.40 $ for non Euro zone countries

> As Sebastian wrote, deadline would be on May, 19. :(
> I wonder if that deadline can be still acceptable, since I see many 
> things to correct, and I don't want to see Fabrice beeing under pressure.
I don't know. Having in mind last years stepwise refinement of documentation
it took longer than one week. At least, we (DANTE) are not under presure of
producing the CDs immediatelly for distribution. Anyone is??
All the best,

PS: Staszek, I'm now on the TeX-Live mailing list!