[tex-live] problem with tpm files

Daniel Flipo Daniel.Flipo@univ-lille1.fr
Fri, 03 May 2002 09:16:39 +0200

Fabrice Popineau writes:

 DF>> 5b) tex-context.tpm requires tex-etex, but this one is (still) not
 DF>> installed automatically. You have to select tex-etex too, when you
 DF>> select the tex-context collection.
 SR> and this baffles me. do you understand it, Fabrice?
 Definitely not. Should I choose any scheme and ask to change the
 package selection :
 * if tex-context is selected, then tex-etex too
 * if tex-context is not selected and I select it, then tex-etex becomes
 selected too ...
 Daniel, what do you mean exactly ? Any log file to send me ?

This has nothing to do with schemes: I have no log file, 
but to demonstrate the bug, just do this:
add the context collection to the basic selection and nothing else.
Run the installation, at the end the context formats cannot be built
because etex is not installed (context formats rely on pdfetex)

A syntax fault in the .tpm file maybe? my understanding of RDF is too low
to know :-( the tex-context.tpm file seems to require tex-etex, but
the etex collection fails to be installed.

Btw: kind of the same problem occurs with the aeguill package that 
requires (see aeguill.tpm) plfonts, which are not installed actually.