[tex-live] Found?

Gerben Wierda sherlock@rna.nl
Thu, 2 May 2002 20:43:33 +0200

One problem found, probably *the* problem.

make extras does an install for kpathsea (because it needs it). The 
install for kpathsea however needs another ranlib on Mac OS X, because 
on Mac OS X (and some other systems) when the toc of the .a file is 
older than the file date, the linker will complain and abort. For that 
reason, I currently run that ranlib bny hand after doing a make install 
on my system. But that does not work if make extras does a make install 
on kpathsea.

The best solution is that 'make install' in TeX/texk/kpathsea is fixed 
so that it will perform a ranlib on the installed library. A temporary 
fix would be to remove the make install on kpathsea from the extras 
stuff. After all, the 'extras' are supposed to be run after an install 
has taken place anyway.

The current situation will not work on Mac OS X.