[tex-live] (no subject)

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu, 2 May 2002 16:00:36 +0100

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 11:07:34AM +0200, Daniel Flipo wrote:
> 1) there is a texmf/fonts/type/public/yhmath directory which should be
>               texmf/fonts/type1/public/yhmath  (typo?)

> 2) In texmf/doc/latex/eurofont, there are 2 files
>    eurofont.dtx  and  eurofont.ins which should be in 
>    texmf/source/latex/eurofont/; probably eurofont.dvi should be extracted
>    from the .dtx file and put in texmf/doc/latex/eurofont.

> 3) The installation process complains about missing
>    texmf/doc/latex/lettrine/demo.ps   and
>    texmf/doc/latex/lettrine/demo.tex.
>    These files are required in lettrine.tpm but are not available on the CD.

> 4) The array size in texmf.cnf are still not the same for 
>    latex and hugelatex (one spurious '0' in lines marked '<='?).
> 5) Two dependencies problems:
>    5a) aeguill.tpm  requires texmf/tex/latex/platex/ot4cmr.fd
>        (this one is correctly installed), but the "plfonts" 
>        texmf/fonts/tfm/pl/pl*.tfm and  texmf/fonts/type/pl/pl*.pfb
>        are not installed.

I haven't fixed this yet...
>    5b) tex-context.tpm requires  tex-etex, but this one is (still)
>        not installed automatically. You have to select tex-etex too,
>        when you select the tex-context collection.

and this baffles me. do you understand it, Fabrice? 

Many thanks, Daniel, some of those errors were bad!!

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