[tex-live] Adding Elsevier LaTeX package

Norbert Preining preining@logic.at
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 08:27:15 +0100

On Mit, 23 Jan 2002, Eugene A. Ustinov wrote:
> I need to add the LaTeX package of Elsevier  to TeX Live 6 software 
> installed on my computer (PC/Windows2000). I have found the package on the 
> TeX catalog online website but I need to know where to download it on my 
> hard drive and whether I need to do anything in addition (like updating 
> some information on the disk, etc.). I would be grateful if anybody can 
> help me with this problem.

Best idea would be NOT to put it into the texlive tree which may be erases
by an update, but to put it into a private place or local place.

On unix like systems put it into 
and call mktexlsr. On windows - there must be something similar.

If you get a .sty/.tex file then copy those files straight to the
subdir, if you get .dtx/.ins then call tex on the .ins file which 
should produce .sty/.tex etc files. Read the install instructions.

Best wishes


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