[tex-live] [tug-support] TEX First Edition ???

Alessandro Dallari aledalla@tin.it
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:37:21 +0100

Hallo, I'm a TUG member: Dallari Alessandro from Italy.

Is it possible to get a *.ps or *.pdf copy of "TEX LIVE GUIDE First Edition" ?
That is: guide to the first edition of TEX LIVE.

This is a personal interest: I found on the Internet a copy of 2,3,4th
Edition and I'm a member since 5th edition.

If such a copy is yet available, I would like to receive it... just to have it.

Thank You 

Alessandro Dallari
Via Don Davide Albertario, 39
41012 Carpi (MO) - ITALY
e-mail:  aledalla@tin.it

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