[tex-live] too many files

Radhakrishnan CV cvr@river-valley.org
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:59:46 +0530 (IST)

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002 at 20:30, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

   I tried the 2 CD approach. Making a CD with just Windows and i386
   Linux comes in at 648 mbytes; making a second CD without Windows
   and i386 Linux comes in at 722 mbytes.

What I would suggest is to retain the current format of TeXLive, 
ie., ready to run system for many platforms in a single CD. Most of 
the users may not need support, goodies, web2c, sources, editors, 
etc. We should judiciously scale down a working TeX system and burn 
that in the first CD which is comprehensive enough to run.

The second CD can hold all the packages of advanced nature,
sparingly used fonts (for instance indic scripts), support, goodies,
web2c, sources, editors tree and the relevant documentation. We 
should provide friendly scripts to install anything that is 
included in the second CD easily.
While scaling down to make a runnable TeX system, some of the
packages like pdfscreen, pdftricks, pdfslide can be moved to the CD
No. 2.  Obviously users can install any of these items easily if
they like.

   The folliwng table of sizes for texmf may amuse you; as you can
   see, its the fonts and documentation which do the damage. Ideas
   like "compress all the source files" does not help much.
   9188	Master/texmf/bibtex
   832	Master/texmf/context

   197448	Master/texmf/doc 
==> partially to CD 2 like books, general documentation 

   160	Master/texmf/dvipdfm
   3012	Master/texmf/dvips
   1408	Master/texmf/fontname

   259056	Master/texmf/fonts
==> cant we move some of the fonts to CD 2?

   68	Master/texmf/hbf2gf
   7644	Master/texmf/ispell
==> CD 2

   100	Master/texmf/makeindex
   444	Master/texmf/metafont

   1052	Master/texmf/metapost
==> CD 2

   924	Master/texmf/nts
==> CD 2

   1892	Master/texmf/omega
==> CD 2

   724	Master/texmf/pdftex

   62336	Master/texmf/source
==> CD 2

   57092	Master/texmf/tex
   4660	Master/texmf/tex4ht

   11004	Master/texmf/tpm
   744	Master/texmf/ttf2pk
==> CD 2

   8068	Master/texmf/web2c
==> CD 2

   92	Master/texmf/xdvi