[tex-live] tl7 plans

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja@daimi.au.dk
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:08:34 +0100

Sebastian writes:

 > Unfortunately, it is now
 > almost certain that I cannot now fit in 650 mbytes.
 > The choice now is between
 >  * 700 Mbyte CD

Does it mean that 50Mb is all we need?

 > my current plan, on which I canvass views, is to make 2 CDs
 >  * one with Windows and Linux i386 binaries, + texmf
 >  * one with all the other Unix binaries, + texmf
 > ie with most of the CD duplicated. If the numbers work out, this
 > seems the most plausible solution.

I used to advocate for 2CD's in terms of free/shareware, but this division
gives two problems: 1) duplication of material 2) doubled cost.

How about 
- removing Master/support (~40Mb), since all files in support are 
  already zipped, and provide it via texlive Web pages
- removing one or two binary sets, and make these accesible as
  'extra binary sets' same place?
Would that solve the problem?