[tex-live] Using Mac fonts in TeX

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda@rna.nl
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:46:47 +0100

I am preparing an i-Installer i-package that will detect Mac fonts on 
your system and convert them for use with TeX. I have some trouble 
getting this to work. I have a map file:

% [BEG ] -- Created by ttf2tex v0.6 on 2002-12-30 00:20:20
mgsl16t         GillSans-Light                                          
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsl16.ttf
mgsr16t         GillSans                                                
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsr16.ttf
mgsb16t         GillSans-Bold                                           
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsb16.ttf
mgsl16c         GillSans-Light                                          
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsl16.ttf
mgsr16c         GillSans                                                
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsr16.ttf
mgsb16c         GillSans-Bold                                           
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsb16.ttf
mgsli16t        GillSans-LightItalic                                    
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsli16.ttf
mgsri16t        GillSans-Italic                                         
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsri16.ttf
mgsbi16t        GillSans-BoldItalic                                     
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsbi16.ttf
mgsli16c        GillSans-LightItalic                                    
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsli16.ttf
mgsri16c        GillSans-Italic                                         
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsri16.ttf
mgsbi16c        GillSans-BoldItalic                                     
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsbi16.ttf
% Note: When this version of ttf2tex was released, pdftex did not 
support slanting of
%       TrueType fonts. The relevant lines below are therefore 
commented out. See the
%       ttf2tex manual and the pdftex documentation for details.
% mgslo16t      GillSans-Light                  "0.167 SlantFont"       
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsl16.ttf
% mgsro16t      GillSans                        "0.167 SlantFont"       
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsr16.ttf
% mgsbo16t      GillSans-Bold                   "0.167 SlantFont"       
<T1-WGL4.enc <mgsb16.ttf
% mgslo16c      GillSans-Light                  "0.167 SlantFont"       
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsl16.ttf
% mgsro16c      GillSans                        "0.167 SlantFont"       
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsr16.ttf
% mgsbo16c      GillSans-Bold                   "0.167 SlantFont"       
<TS1-AGL.enc <mgsb16.ttf
% [END ] -- Created by ttf2tex v0.6 on 2002-12-30 00:20:20

This map file has been added to the And I have created a file 

  \space PSNFSS LaTeX2e package loading Gill Sans]

But when I try \usepackage{gillsans} and \textsf{Some text} I get

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/mgs/m/n' undefined
(Font)              using `OT1/cmr/m/n' instead on input line 20.

which clearly is what I do not want. I am able to produce a testfont 
page for GillSans by choosing font mgsr16t, so it seems that my 
gillsans.sty is in error. Can someone in the know about TeX and fonts 
clear this up for me?