[tex-live] texinfo problems (again)

Thomas Esser te@dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 13:25:50 +0100

> aargh. has this happened *again*? I unpacked texinfo.tar.gz
> and didnt touch it, I hoped that was all that was needed.

It should be sufficient. If I take the original texinfo-4.3a distrib
and untar it locally, then I can build it without any auto* trouble.

I have no idea why this gets messed up every time and I hope that my
attempt to fix it really cured the problem.

What I did was the following:

  cd /t/texlive/Build/source.development/TeX/utils/texinfo
  p4 edit `find . -type f`
  for i in `find . -type f`; do
    touch -r /t/src/teTeX-src-beta/utils/texinfo/$i $i
  p4 submit

My first test with
  rm -rf /t/texlive/Build/source.development/TeX/utils/texinfo
  p4 sync -f /t/texlive/Build/source.development/TeX/utils/texinfo/...
showed no problem to compile TL's texinfo.

> sorry, Gerben, this is like a bad dream....