[tex-live] Compile problem with source.development@today:06:00

Karl Berry karl@freefriends.org
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:07:55 -0500

    I do have a request: a make clean that produces a true clean setup. 

This is what make distclean is for, is it not?  Didn't we just have this

	p4 sync
	make clean
	p4 sync with earlier date

make clean isn't intended to work in this situation.  make clean is
intended to just remove the stuff done by a normal make, not including
configuration.  Since the configuration stuff is certainly likely to be
different between one date and another ...

So I don't think the *extra.c files are the only problem.  Whether those
should be deleted at clean or distclean is arguable; I chose distclean
long ago, but if you feel like moving them to clean, it's a trivial
change.  I don't have the current source, but it would be something like:

	test ! -r lib/Makefile \
	  || for d in $(all_subdirs); do (cd $$d && $(MAKE) $@); done
	rm -f *.pool *extra.c *.fm

	rm -f *extra.c
	test ! -r lib/Makefile \
	  || for d in $(all_subdirs); do (cd $$d && $(MAKE) $@); done
	rm -f *.pool *.fm

But I doubt this is enough, because what about tangleboot, not to
mention the .p files, etc., etc.