[tex-live] TeXLive 7 with cygwin

Jeremy Gibbons Jeremy.Gibbons@comlab.ox.ac.uk
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 09:42:25 +0100 (BST)

Bonjour, Fabrice.

> Probably  because one of them  was in binary  mode while the other one
> was  in  text mode.


> The problem of working  with the texmf/  tree is
> that you can't upgrade  easily. Any modification will  be lost  in the
> future. 

Even if you put things in texmf-local?

> - complex to administrate (path, quoting, drives), not Windows
> oriented and very unfriendly to Windows users

THat's true, but it is also somewhat intentional, I guess:
it is designed to be friendly to unix users, hence
necessarily will be unfriendly to windows users.

> - much more weird, it tries to emulate Unix calls, but sometimes at
> the price of slowness; it is the case especially for the stat() call, 
> which is heavily used by kpathsea. 
> This latter reason alone would refrain me to use cygwin and make me
> prefer to switch to some native version of the programs.

I'm using the TeXLive binaries from a cygwin
shell. Presumably I am not suffering from cygwin's stat()
when I do so? (I hope!)


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