[tex-live] TeXLive 7 with cygwin

Jeremy Gibbons Jeremy.Gibbons@comlab.ox.ac.uk
Sun, 4 Aug 2002 19:32:28 +0100 (BST)

> > Following its advice and deleting the system environment variable
> > TEXMFCNF and the bogus config file c:\TeX\texmf-var\web2c\texmf.cnf
>                    ^^^^^
> Do you mean the one installed by the TeXLive installer ? In this case
> I'm afraid you deleted the wrong one. The problem with cygwin is that
> it comes with its own version of teTeX (afaik) and there is a
> conflict.

Cygwin does indeed come with its own tex, but I don't think
that was the issue. The TeXlive installer installed at least
two texmf.cnf files, one in texmf/web2c and one in
texmf-var/web2c. They are wildly different (at least, diff
decided the simplest explanation of their differences was to
quote the whole files). Renaming the one in texmf-var to
something safe left me with a working installation. (Indeed,
perhaps I have two now!)

But it occurs to me now that when I was trying things out, I
wasn't aware that cygwin had installed its own tex. I may
indeed have jumped to the wrong conclusion.  Would it be
useful to you if I tried to investigate the problem further,
or are you not interested in supporting tetex with cygwin?


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