[tex-live] scripts - remaining problems

Gerben Wierda sherlock@rna.nl
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:06:21 +0200

On Saturday, April 20, 2002, at 01:31 , Vladimir Volovich wrote:

> still this:
> powerpc-darwin5.3/settcshtexpath:#!/usr/bin/perl
> what is settcshtexpath? where does it come from? (seems to be absent
> in source dir).

It is part of my TeX distribution on Mac OS X, which has a unix 
foundation, but is Mac-ish on top. You will also find altpdftex, which 
is used by Mac OS X front ends if they want to use tex+dvips+distiller 
instead of pdfTeX.

My distribution is intended for complete no-unix-users. Running one of 
my installers will automatically set PATH stuff system wide. However, 
these are regularly overwritten when Mac OS X is updated. To prevent 
people having to do much unix-y stuff, this script exists. Otherwise, 
after every system update, they might have to reinstall TeX, just to get 
the PATH & MANPATH back.

To answer your other question:

> the only things left are a few missing binaries files for some
> architectures:
> powerpc-darwin5.3:
>   bg5conv cef5conv cefconv cefsconv epsffit extconv hbf2gf oxdvi
>   oxdvi.bin psbook psnup psresize psselect pstops sjisconv ttf2pk
>   ttf2tfm xdvi xdvi.bin

This probably has to do with the fact that on Mac OS X, you do not have 
X11 by default and I configure with --without-x. That means that several 
parts of TeX Live are not compiled on my system and not installed. 
However several names surprise me, like psnup and friends, because where 
do they come from in TeX Live (pure (Adobe?) postscript tools). Some of 
the others, like ttf2pk and ttf2tfm, I would like to have too, but they 
are not produced on my system by the standard TeX Live distribution 
without X11 support.