[tex-live] Re: TeX Live UNIX shell scripts

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 20:02:41 +0400

"SR" == Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 SR> but where does this short texshow come from? its not in the
 SR> source,

i looked at File Browser in p4web for //depot/Master/bin/alpha-linux/texshow:

Type: text+Sx   Have: #9   Head: #9


       #9 change 1801 edit on 2002/04/18 by preining@root_at_logic_dot_at (text+Sx) 
              new build, different files from last build (libpng change, script changes) 
       #8 change 1786 edit on 2002/04/18 by rahtz@tex (text+Sx) 
              put changed perl files into binary sets 
       #7 change 1784 edit on 2002/04/17 by preining@root_at_logic_dot_at (text+Sx) 
              fixed binaries after compile problems, exchanging the old from april 3, no text1 anymore, all the alt... are now build. The texi2dvi is from the old build because I cannot
              build --with-texinfo (libtool and friends problem) anymore. 
       #6 change 1779 edit on 2002/04/17 by preining@root_at_logic_dot_at (text+Sx) 
              New binary files including some of the missing ones (disdvi, dvi2tty) 
       #5 change 1717 edit on 2002/04/03 by rahtz@tex (text+Sx) 
              make all scripts be text+Sx 
       #4 change 1715 edit on 2002/04/03 by preining@root_at_logic_dot_at (symlink) 
              New binaries, pdf(e)tex is build with static stdc++. 
       #3 change 1550 add on 2002/02/06 by preining@root_at_logic_dot_at (symlink) 
              Here the new binaries which work on glibc21 and glibc22 systems. pdftex and pdfetex are statically linked against libstdc++ to get rid of dep problems. 
       #2 change 1549 delete on 2002/02/06 by preining@preining+beta_at_logic_dot_at (symlink) 
              exchanging these binaries with the one from RedHat build with glibc2.1, where pdftex/pdfetex are linked statically with libstdc++. These binaries now work on glibc2.2
              Debian Woody and on glibc2.1 (eg Debian Woody). 
       #1 change 1545 add on 2002/02/06 by preining@preining+beta_at_logic_dot_at (symlink) 
              New architecture: Debian GNU/Linux woody on alpha (ev5)

and it seems that that file was submitted by preining@root_at_logic_dot_at
so apparently his build was buggy -- either he did not sync or the build
went wrong.

so it does not make sense to increase the number of bugs by
distributing scripts submitted by people building for different
architectures, and it will be cleaner if you will only put scripts
built by you.