[tex-live] Re: TeX Live UNIX shell scripts

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:06:29 +0400

"SR" == Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 >> diff -r alpha-linux alphaev5-osf4.0d | grep -v Binary
 >> i will not put here it's 100K output... ;-)
 SR> mine says

 SR> [spqr]/texlive/Master/bin:diff -r alpha-linux alphaev5-osf4.0d |
 SR> grep -v Binary Only in alphaev5-osf4.0d: mktexfmt
 SR> [spqr]/texlive/Master/bin:

how strange then -- i sync'ed just now, and still see the differences
in texshow and texutil for these two directories (alpha-linux and
alphaev5-osf4.0d) - and a missing mktexfmt in alphaev5-osf4.0d.

does p4 work unreliably?
i run
P4PORT=sun2.dante.de:1666 p4 sync

how can i force p4 really verify all files?

another question -- if i create a file locally inside Master or Build
dir, p4 does not remove it when i do a sync, and does not warn me that
it is not present in master repository (as CVS does).

how can i force p4 really verify all files?
 >> i'm sure that all releases of TeX Live which were ever made, did
 >> not contain the same versions of scripts on all unix platforms.

 SR> I am afraid that is true...

 SR> and I'll have to worry about other things instead! like changing
 SR> all documentation and scripts to add an extra directory to $PATH.
 >>  that is a one-time change.  but maintaining the same versions of
 >> scripts on all unix platforms requires permanent activity.

 SR> no, it just requires someone to rebuild from source each time the
 SR> source tree changes.  but that is needed whether it is a Perl,
 SR> sh, or C file.

Perl, sh, and scripts in other scripting languages should not be
different across unix platforms in TeX Live, and should not require
any rebuilding for different platforms. So if you put all such scripts
in a separate directory, you'll need to only make sure you have them
up-to-date in one place -- in that directory, and you'll not be even
receiving generic platform-independent scripts from people building on
different platforms (if an extension to --enable-multiplatform will be