[tex-live] a bit of mess with unix binaries and man pages

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 18:15:55 +0400


as for man pages:

0) there are 3 non-portable man pages mentioned in my previous email:
   lacheck.1, fixmacps.1, includeres.1

1) tex live contains outdated files
   man/windex, man/whatis, man/index.bt
   which do not correspond to the list of actual man pages

2) man/man1/mkindex.1 is missing (it is installed by make world)

3) the following man pages which are contained in current Master tree
   are not installed by "make world; make extras" -- i.e. either
   Makefiles should be corrected to install them, or they should be

man1/amslatex.1 man1/bg5conv.1 man1/cef5conv.1 man1/cefconv.1
man1/cefsconv.1 man1/cjpeg.1 man1/dialog.1 man1/djpeg.1 man1/extconv.1
man1/fax2ps.1 man1/fax2tiff.1 man1/gif2tiff.1 man1/gzip.1
man1/ispell.1 man1/jpegtran.1 man1/lamstex.1 man1/ltx2rtf.1
man1/oxdvi.1 man1/pal2rgb.1 man1/pdfimages.1 man1/pdfinfo.1
man1/pdftops.1 man1/pdftotext.1 man1/ppm2tiff.1 man1/ras2tiff.1
man1/rdjpgcom.1 man1/rgb2ycbcr.1 man1/sgi2tiff.1 man1/sjisconv.1
man1/slitex.1 man1/sq.1 man1/thumbnail.1 man1/tiff2bw.1 man1/tiff2ps.1
man1/tiffcmp.1 man1/tiffcp.1 man1/tiffdither.1 man1/tiffdump.1
man1/tiffgt.1 man1/tiffinfo.1 man1/tiffmedian.1 man1/tiffsplit.1
man1/tiffsv.1 man1/ttfdump.1 man1/unpost.1 man1/wrjpgcom.1
man3/libpng.3 man3/libpngpf.3 man3/zlib.3 man5/ls-R.5 man5/png.5

   e.g. obviously man1/oxdvi.1 is not installed by make world by
   error; man1/pal2rgb.1 is not installed too because currently make
   world does not build pal2rgb - so either this man page should be
   removed, or make world (or make extras) should be corrected to
   build and install pal2rgb, etc

4) the man files currently installed in man/*/* are not always up-to-date
   (i.e. make world from current sources produces newer man pages)

similar situation is with info pages.