[tex-live] a bit of mess with unix binaries and man pages

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 17:39:09 +0400

"NP" == Norbert Preining writes:

 NP> These are all scripts. I just compiled the binaries. Where are
 NP> these scripts are coming from?

if you run
make world
make extras
you'll get all this stuff in the bin dir.

 >> disdvi dvi2tty

 NP> Binaires. My fault. I compiled with --without-dvi2tty I will redo
 NP> this and upload new binaries soon.

 >> OBSOLETE SCRIPT FILES: dvi2fax fontimport mkocp mktexlsr oxdvi
 >> rumakeindex texdoc texdoctk texhash texi2dvi xdvi

 NP> ??? same problem with these scripts. I don't know which files are
 NP> necessary. Sebastian. Should I kill them, no, better you ;-)