[tex-live] generic scripts

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 17:04:55 +0400

"SR" == Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 >> I suggest to create a new directory:
 >> bin/generic/
 >> and move all these scripts to it from unix bin directories.
 SR> but that means putting two directories on the PATH.  not the end
 SR> of the world, I know.

exactly :-)

 >> Not only it will save some space (the above scripts use about 0.5
 >> Mb) because of avoiding duplication, but also it will avoid a mess
 >> in different versions of these scripts distributed with TeX Live.

 SR> would you like symlinks instead?

as for me, i would prefer to have two different directories in path:
one for binaries, and another one for generic scripts.

that will avoid the source of the mess: forgotten or stale symlinks;
and it uses smaller number of files, and clearly shows that certain
binaries are generic.
 >> Moreover, i suggest to add the functionality to
 >> --enable-multiplatform configuration option: when it is used,
 >> binaries are installed in ${bindir}/${platform}/ directory, but i
 >> suggest to change Makefile.in's to install generic scripts listed
 >> above (and those which will appear in future versions of TeX Live
 >> and teTeX) into ${bindir}/generic/ instead of
 >> ${bindir}/${platform}/

 SR> this could be done. but I am not sure this is the time to do it.
 SR> I really hesitate to make architectural changes at this point in
 SR> the cycle.

that's no problem; i'd be happy with that.