[tex-live] Problems with make on i386-pc-solaris2.8

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 21:29:44 +0200

>       --enable-multiplatform
> Sounds like a fine thing to add.  Can you send me the entire fragment
> for configure.ac?

I think you can just use the same code that web2c now has. From

  dnl The --enable-multiplatform option.
  [  --enable-multiplatform     put executables in bin/PLATFORM],
  if test "x$enable_multiplatform" = xyes &&
      test "x$bindir" = 'x${exec_prefix}/bin'

teTeX and TeX Live do some top-level manipulation to enable multi-platform
be default (that's the code that I have send earlier in this thread). So,
it would be most helpful if you either just adopt the above code or show
me your planned modifications.

>      We also do not build the info utility, because I have not yet found
>      a way to make sure that an info binary compiles on system A also
>      works on system B.
> You mean two different Solaris versions or something?  Well, you're not
> missing much by not having info, imho, but you could use --dribble to
> read input from a file and check that the output is reasonable.  (Like
> just a file containing `q' and see if the output contains the dir
> entries or something.)

The problem is the curses stuff. Some person buils on his system A and
someone else needs to run it on a different system B. This does not work
if info is linked against a locally installed non-standard curses lib.

Linking just the curses lib statically does not help either, since
someone might link against a locally installed ncurses which has
a non-standard default for its terminfo files.

If you could add a --without-info switch, then I'd be completely happy
and would not need to modify your Makefile*'s.

> Yes.  Had to, otherwise it compiles install-info every time :(.
> See diff below.

Well, thanks for the patch. It is a pain for me to modify the auto*
stuff without having the 100% correct versions of the tools that are
needed to update the files.

May I ask you to include any patches you make to auto* into the texinfo