[tex-live] tex-live-20020403.iso image

Daniel Flipo Daniel.Flipo@univ-lille1.fr
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 14:46:30 +0200

Some comments on the new image Sebastian has uploaded to

It expands to an iso image of 647 Mb, fine!

1) The texmf.cnf file seems to have the same bug as last year's TL6b:
the array sizes for the latex format are bigger than those of
the huge latex format (one spurious '0' added).

The sizes for *all* formats should be checked by experts, I have
no idea of the correct values, but there seem to be inconsistencies,
also for instance in the tex/hugetex formats:

% default is a huge tex		% redundant. all TeX is now huge
main_memory = 1500000		main_memory.hugetex = 1100000
param_size= 1500		param_size.hugetex = 1500
stack_size= 1500		stack_size.hugetex = 1500
hash_extra= 5000		hash_extra.hugetex = 15000
string_vacancies= 4500		string_vacancies.hugetex = 45000
pool_free= 4750			pool_free.hugetex = 47500
nest_size= 500			nest_size.hugetex = 500
save_size= 5000			save_size.hugetex = 5000
pool_size= 5000			pool_size.hugetex = 500000
max_strings= 65000		max_strings.hugetex = 55000


2) Dependencies in the RDF database

a) ConTeXt needs etex, the collection tex-etex (as well as tex-pdftex)
   is required in texmf/tpm/collections/tex-context.tpm, but still,
   if you select the context collection but not the etex collection,
   you end up with no conTeXt format:
   `pdfetex -ini -efmt=cont-en -progname=context *cont-en.ini' failed
   The format is properly built if you select `context' AND `etex'.

b) Something just for tex-langfrench: the collection tex-langfrench
   requires the package 'aeguill' (good), but aeguill builds its
   default guillemets for French from Polish fonts, which are not 
   required by aeguill.tpm :-(
   The exact stuff which should be required is


3) the directory 'man' is missing at the top level of the new 
   CD's image (it was there in the 20020401 image).
   'man' is required by the tex-documentation collection.

Anyway, apart from these details, this new TeXLive runs fine
on my machine (as did the previous ones ;-), thanks for the great job!

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