[tex-live] Problems with make on i386-pc-solaris2.8

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 09:39:37 +0200

>     > to utils/texinfo/configure.ac. For t1utils, someone (me?) should do the
>     Someone who insists on non-gnu-make-compability of the makefiles. :-)
> Sorry, I missed something.  Is there something missing from
> texinfo/configure.ac for i386-solaris?  I'm the Texinfo maintainer, so
> I'd like to know :).

The thing we are discussing is a non-standard feature which most software
packages do not support:


The implementation is as follows:

  if test "x$enable_multiplatform" = xyes \
    && test "x$bindir" = 'x${exec_prefix}/bin'
    enable_multiplatform=yes; export enable_multiplatform

This allows people to build teTeX / TeX Live easily for more then one
platform using a common mount point.

> The Texinfo stuff is intended to just be generic autoconf/automake, not
> requiring GNU make.

There is nothing wrong with texinfo. Its just that the adoption to the
teTeX / TeX Live setup requires a change. We also do not build the info
utility, because I have not yet found a way to make sure that an info
binary compiles on system A also works on system B.

One more annoying problem was, that I could not use automake / automake
to recreate the Makefile.in's:
  Make: Don't know how to make install-info-am.  Stop.

Did you use a modifies automake version?

> I just released a new version of Texinfo (4.2) a few days ago, don't
> know if that's made it into texlive yet.

I have integrated Texinfo (4.2) into teTeX and TeX Live the same day
that I have read the announce :-)