[tex-live] Re: tex-live-20020401 image

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 20:52:15 +0100

> It installs fine except that there are some missing files:
> -- in tex-latexextra, the directory ltxmisc is missing
> -- in tex-texbooks, no directory Books is available 

???? you are definitely loading the wrong image. or I am going mad.
 swhat is the size and name of the .iso.bz2 file which you

can someone other than me examine /home/tlprod/makeimage
on www.tug.org and tell me if my brain is going soft?

> Formats cont-en jadetex and pdfjadetex fail to be built.
> It seems to be because ulem.sty is missing (it's part of ltxmisc).
how can ltxmisc not be there?????
> Sorry, Sebastian, for this bad news: while the image seems to be
> slightly over 700mb, i still complain about missing files :-(

this cant be right. mkisofs definitely said it had written
647 megabytes.
> I have some questions about the permissions set in the
> texmf-var directory : texmf-var itself and most of its subdirectories
> are world writable, even if the varfonts feature is enabled
> (fonts are created under /var/texfonts on my machine).
> Any reason for this ?

not sure.

I am off on holiday...... 

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