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>for CTAN site and it's devolpers
>  We are a groub of students
>we make a project about linux oprerating system and it's
>program latex  in the department of computer scince in the faculty scince
>in the Menoufia university.
>our project in <<linux-latex>> we have built new package
>it's call Formulas liberary. this package as a new a Utility package
>for implement famous formulas in mathematical subjects
>by diffrent parameter's or in genral case formulas.
>  We need to intruduce our package for linux users to
>uses it or devolping it so we need to upload our package in your site.
>we need to thanks all of linux devolpers for agreet work
>to let user  have a powerful operating system like linux
>please send yours answeer at <mailto:efmak@hotmail.com>efmak@hotmail.com
>              thanks for CTAN devolper's groub
>                        thank you