[tex-live] [tug-support] Long file names in TeX live

Christian Wetzel Wetzel@ieee.org
Sun, 10 Jun 2001 11:44:04 -0400

Hi Sebastian, dear User group


Installation of the TeX live package in its current version onto Intel 
Pentium III under Windows 98 Second Edition 32-bit FAT was not a problem. 
I also ran into the problem that it would not launch
via the "call" command in autoexec.bat.

Could this be a recent safety precaution through Windows update?

In addition, however, it would not accept the long filenames and I had to 
use the truncated "~1" versions to get the variables set.

TeX then launches, but the problem arises again with "Latex" when using 
document file names with long file names. Short file names seem to work. 
Long directory names also work(!!!).

For Test I "Disable long name preservation for old programs"
in the "System settings" of the "file system" / "Troubleshooting".
No difference.

Could you please advise?



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