[tex-live] Distribution of TeX live Cd

Antonio Rodriguez arodriguez31@cfl.rr.com
Sat, 9 Jun 2001 08:09:28 -0400

What about if it is made available for $5,6, just enough to cover
Cd,shipping, etc cost? This way the network traffic will be minimum. I can
tell you how many times I browsed to the Dante site intending to purchase
the CDs from them, but the lack of understanding of German always kept me in
pure desire land.
I haven't seen any place yet that makes TeXLive available for purchase. The
best solution would be of course if Dante would have the instructions in
English so that the greatest amount of people would understand it. No
offense intended here.
Again my friends, my questions to you and my desire to do what is right from
the point of view of the group are the consequence of pure respect and
admiration for what you all are doing.
I really didn't get involved with TUG-US (I live in Daytona Beach, FL, US)
because it seemed to me somehow unnecessary. So I never got TeX-Live until
very recently.
Any way, these are my thoughts.
Cheers to all,
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> The TeX Live CD image is already available TeX archive sites, in
> systems/texlive, so of course you can copy that locally if you wish.
> My wish is that the CD image does NOT become widely advertised, for
> two reasons:
>  - its a horrible huge great lump to send around the network all the
>    time
>  - if local TeX user groups supply it to members or others, they can
>    do support, publicize TeX, make a tiny bit of money etc
> I follow the attitude of the Debian people on this. You *can* download
> and burn your own CD, there are no restrictions. But getting a
> nicely-made copy from a local group is preferred.
> of course, if you act as a local TeX user group, thats fine on all counts.
> Sebastian