[tex-live] Re: sourceforge for texk?

Werner LEMBERG wl@gnu.org
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 20:24:47 +0200 (CEST)

> A brief look reveals all of
> bibtex8 chktex cjkutils

`cjkutils' files are part of the CJK package which is already in a
CVS.  If necessary, I can add some additional files to it.

> dtl dvi2tty dvidvi dviljk dvipdfm dvipsk gsftopk ispell lacheck
> ltx2rtf makeindexk musixflx odvipsk owindvi oxdvik ps2pkm seetexk
> tex4htk texlive ttf2pfb

ttf2pfb is dead -- but in a CVS (part of the FreeType 1.x series).

> ttf2pk

Is alive and in a CVS (FreeType 1.x).

> ttfdump

Dead but in a CVS.

> The trouble is, of course, is getting all the authors to agree to
> this...

The main problem to solve is IMHO how to map already existing CVS
archives into TeXlive.