[tex-live] fc bug report and Kpathsea feature request

Janusz S. Bień jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl
18 Dec 2001 04:29:25 +0100

The `fc' package (J"org Knappen's fonts for African languages) on TeX
Live 6 is unusable for two reasons:

        - at least one TFM file is incorrect (fcsstt10)

        - Metafont code depends on "Sauter's tools' which are not included on CD

Bugs like this one can be easily discovered in time if a tool exists
to check all the TFMs on CD and to generate all fonts for them. The
prerequisite for such a tool is a program, say `kpselist', which would
list all the files (with the full path names) of a given type.

The `kpselist' program would allow also for a substantially better
integration of AucTeX with TeXLive.

Best regards


P.S. Knappen's TUGboat paper mentions TUG Working Group on african
languages with latin writing. Does it still exist?

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