[tex-live] Re: How to "alter" texmf.cnf

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 10:57:15 -0800

> ogawa wrote:
>     I attempted to set a value for the TEXMFCNF environment variable...
>     Yet, when I run (ini)tex, it does not find my modified texmf.cnf:

Karl Berry wrote:
> Just to check - did you use setenv (csh) or export (sh)?

"Kaja P. Christiansen" wrote:

> There is another line, in your texput.cns, which suggests that the paths
> are taken from paths.h (why?) and not TEXMFCNF:
>  > kdebug:Search path for cnf files (from compile-time paths.h)
> On my machine (Solaris, TL6), the corresponding line would be:
>  kdebug:Search path for cnf files (from TEXMFCNF environment variable)

My difficulties appear to stem from my lack of familiarity with tcsh. I
should have been using setenv, not set, to create the environment
variable TEXMFCNF. Because no such environment variable was defined,
kpathsea used the paths.h values.

Thanks for the assistance, Karl and Kaja!