Support for Mac OS Server and Mac OS X

Arthur Ogawa
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 11:13:20 -0700

I am working with some other developers to generate binaries for Mac OS
X Server and Mac OS X and expect to have scripts debugged for install
( and and build (source/configure) at some

My hope is that there is room on the TL6 CD for this additional set of
binaries and that users groups can make some hay from Apple's new
operating system (which is, underneath all, BSD UNIX). I have confirmed
that a TeX Live 5d-based installation works fine (albeit I had to use
binaries generated by others), and there is a Cocoa (native) GUI for TeX.

I have installed TL5d on a number of machines, one of them Linux 6.1 on
i86 as a reference platform. 

I can say at this point that and do not
appear to work properly under Mac OS X Public Beta, and that
source/configure does not appear to yield satisfactory results. I hope I
can get some help from this list as I attempt to debug these scripts.

I think I will get some help from Stephen Peters in working out the
build scripts, since he has successfully built the web2c binaries for
this platform. He has sent me his notes.

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