config for ps fonts

Sebastian Rahtz
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 19:03:13 +0100 (BST)

Peter Flynn writes:
 > When I add a new PS font from a CD-ROM (eg BitStream), I do the usual
 > afm2tfm and move the files to the relevant subdirectories under
 > texmf/fonts, then create a .fd file and a .sty file so I can use them
 > in LaTeX in the normal way, then add a line per fontfile to (eg)
 > and make sure references it. This has worked
 > fine for years.
sounds mildly plausible

 > Suddenly under TL5d neither dvips nor windvi can display anything
 > because mktexpk is trying to run metafont! Something is obviously
 > missing somewhere: where does mktexpk look to see if it needs to run
 > gsftopk or metafont?
it reads, doesnt it?

 >  dvips fails also, which is equally puzzling,
 > as in the past it has been the presence of the font line in the .map
 > file which says "I'm a PostScript font not a Metafont font".

are you sure its reading the same file which you expect? thats
the likeliest explanation