Anomalous DVIPS behaviour

Fabrice Popineau
03 Oct 2000 21:24:16 +0200

* Philip TAYLOR <> writes:

> None that I know of, but I'm more concerned about the fact that it
> _thinks_ I have images when I know d@mned well I do not than I am
> about the noise it makes...

Ok, this is definitely an option to add to dvips : silently ignore the
src: specials.

> I am more confused than ever; it seems that WinEdt, out of the box,
> uses MikTeX in preference to fpTeX, and I saw no installation option
> to ask it to use fpTeX.

Out of the box, yes it is using the MiKTeX configuration. However, if
you installed WinEdt from the TeXLive 5, it should have installed a
bunched of configuration files to handle fpTeX.

I'm not that much a WinEdt user, but WinEdt 5 adds the '-src' option
when calling latex.bat -- as well as the option '-c-style-errors' if
checked in the appropriate box.

> Thus there _is_ no -src option specified, and the DviType/Grep
> combination appears to confirm that there are no specials in the DVI
> file.

Are you sure you dvityped the file as compiled by WinEdt ? Because
I can't see much more explanations to your observations...