installation sequence

Sebastian Rahtz
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 13:43:18 +0100

I have changed the Unix installation so that:

 a) no .fmt, .efmt, .mem or .base files are ever installed
    but they are all on the CD
 c) fmtutil.cnf is copied to $VARTEXMF/web2c and edited to make almost
    everything visible
 c) at the end of installation, texconfig runs and creates all
    the fmt/mem/base files which it can, based on what you
    installed. this happens in $VARTEXMF/web2c
This should mean that $TEXMFMAIN is format-file-free.

Win32 follows on when Fabrice has a moment.

I _hope_ this is what Staszek wants :-}