documentation for TeX Live 5

Sebastian Rahtz
Sat, 11 Mar 2000 22:32:48 +0000

I currently have copies of the documentation for TeX Live 4 in
Deutsch, English, French, Polish, and Slovak. I need to get these
minimally updated.

If I supply a "diff" between old and new versions of the English
documentation, can I have volunteers to make the changes to the other 
language versions, please? Otherwise I will have to do it myself, with 
possibly disastrous consequences..

My changes are mostly minor, and usually involve cuttting things out.
One big change is that I propose to omit the catalogue of packages,
since it seems better to browse Williams' Catalogue. I will of course
be checking the CD stuff against the Williams Catalogue and getting
updates to him.

Sadly, I do not think it is practical at this stage to convert the
documentation to XML :-}