texmf.cnf for BLU

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat, 11 Mar 2000 21:25:18 +0000 (GMT)

Staszek Wawrykiewicz writes:
 > It is still not clear what can be changed in the local/user
 > configuration. For example, teTeX 1.0.7 texconfig do not make a copy of
 > texmf.cnf to the $VARTEXMF (if it was set, and as it was in previous
 > versions).

um. you want us to change the install programs to copy texmf.cnf if
VARTEXMF is set? I'll experiment.

 > Please have a look at the actual fragment of texmf.cnf from
 > TeX Live5 alpha:
 > ----
 > % PostScript headers, prologues (.pro), encodings (.enc) and fonts;
 > % this is also where pdftex finds included figures files!
 > TEXPSHEADERS.pdflatex   = .;$TEXMF/{tex,pdftex,dvips,fonts/type1}//

point taken. I think its too late now to change pdftex for my TeX Live 
release, but Thanh should really change pdftex to look at the `normal' 
path for Type1 fonts

 > The last one variable is rather not for ``where pdftex finds included 
 > figures files!'', I'm rather sure that nobody put his figures here ;-), 
 > but is _very important for finding first_ texmf/pdftex/config/psfonts.map
 > (which, in turn, can be different from texmf/dvips/config/psfonts.map).
 > The last question: if pdf* do not use psfonts.map from the dvips/config/
 > (or it use it as the last resort) why it use the same file name?
 > Some time ago it used pdftex.map and it was enought clear...

I assume that Thanh though that people _would_ use the same file, but
now we see that it isn't such a good idea (they two files in my setup
are rather different, though both derived automatically from the same

I am not sure how to solve either of your concerns about *.pdf* in
texmf.cnf,  to be honest. I certainly agree that what we have now is messy