TeX Live 5, the end game

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Thu, 09 Mar 2000 15:49:40 -0800

Karl Berry wrote:
>     of having things like ghostscript and acrobat come to them on cd.
> Ghostscript will be on the CD.  It will just be gs 5.50 instead of 6.0.

This I do not understand. I thought I saw Sebastian post that TL5a and
TL5b would not have GhostScript on it. As I understood his message, TUG
would have the option of putting GS on the TL5 CD that TUG distributes
(other packages were also mentioned, among them CMacTeX). Did I
misinterpret his message?

Also, I hope it is clear that GS of any sort on TeX Live means that
Peter Deutch's licensing restrictions apply, that is, the CD is not to
be distributed as an inducement for a commercial offering. Do these
restrictions meet with your approval? I know that Sebastian declined to
incorporate GS on TL5a and TL5b expressly so that he would not be
restrained in this way.

Also, the manufacture and sale of TL4a to LUGs was handled by Patricia
Monohon and me (as volunteers), and I have reassembled the same team for
this year. The office would still be involved in the billing of the
recipients and the inventory of the CD-ROMs that TUG will distribute for
the remainder of the year.