TL5 March, 03

Sebastian Rahtz
Tue, 7 Mar 2000 13:12:24 +0000 (GMT)

Nelson H. F. Beebe writes:

 > Therefore, if the Aladdin Public License terms are acceptable for
 > inclusion on the TeXLive 5 CD-ROM, then 6.00 should definitely be the
 > version distributed.  

Very sadly, the license is _not_ acceptable. The Aladdin license does not
meet the Debian guidelines. It says

"Distribution of the Program or any work based on the Program by a
commercial organization to any third party is prohibited if any
payment is made in connection with   such distribution,"

(and as explained further in the license)

which would preclude our CD being included in the back of a TeX book,
as Addison Wesley have just asked me if they may do. I am absolutely
sure that I want to be able let AW do this with no further ado. I do
NOT want to say to them "yes, if you contact Peter Deutsch and strike
a deal with him" (never mind Bernard Gaulle!)

Of course, TUG can make a superset of TeX Live, with GS 6, and give it 
to members.