Running TL{4|5|...} from the CD-ROM

Fabrice Popineau
13 Jul 2000 15:03:08 +0200

* Peter Flynn <> writes:

> afterwards. Obviously there is an environment variable to be set for
> these, but I was unable to identify it: any pointers?

In texmf.cnf :

VARTEXMF = c:/vartexmf
VARTEXFONTS = c:/vartexmf/fonts

in mktex.cnf:
: ${MT_FEATURES=appendonlydir:varfonts:fontmaps}
: ${MODE=ljfour}
: ${BDPI=600}

TL5 has an option to be installed so that it will run of the cd.

> Is PDFlatex still unable to use Metafont-made (pk) bitmaps? Despite
> their drawbacks in rendering, it would be nice to be able to create
> PDF files with a \texteuro in them.

Isn't there a pfb for this one ? 
Else, yes pdftex is able to use pk files, but will not call mktexpk by
itself (as far as I know).