What's Happened to TeXLive5?????

Angelo Rossi arossi@us.ibm.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 08:51:25 -0500


I am very distressed the recent release of the TeXLive5 CDROM.
To be specific, I provide the TeXLive5 distribution on a filesystem
for our users at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory.  So far,
they have reported back to me that many items that were available on
TeXLive4 are missing from TeXLive5.  For example, our users have
reported (and I have verfied) that REVTEX, FOILTEX, SIAM(Bibliostyle)
are missing from the TeXLive5 distribution.

Who knows what else is missing!!!!!

What I would like to how does the TUG unilaterally withdraw items from
one release to another without input from the user community?  Certain
dependencies for items on a given distribution don't suddenly disappear
upon release of a new distribution.  I would think that the TUG is
in a degree of institutional continuity as manifested through the
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Sincerely yours,

Angelo R. Rossi. Ph.D.