Fw: problems with installing TexLive5d

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
08 Dec 2000 13:38:58 +0100

* Anthony Philip Beese <apbeese@eircom.net> writes:

> but then hangs up. I have compressed the log file (using

It seems that :

- you still have some tex.bat file in your PATH :

Running: tex -ini -fmt=hugetex -progname=hugetex hugetex.ini <nul

C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\fma35199>path c:\pctex

C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\fma35199>c:\pctex\tex "-ini"
Bad command or file name


C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\fma35199>path c:\;c:\bat;c:\dos;c:\system


So while running this setup, you did not yet remove pctex.

- you interrupted the process while it was generating the ls-R files :

Setting temporarily TEXMFMAIN = c:\Local\TeX\texmf
Running mktexlsr "c:\Local\TeX\texmf"

<<<Cancel? Yes!>>>

<<<Canceling the file copy operation...>>>

This can take quite a few minutes.

Please, do not send the setup.log files -- even compressed -- to this
list. Only to me.