TeX Live 5d

Himanshu Gohel gohel@csee.usf.edu
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 11:01:01 -0800

Hello Kaja,

Thanks for the quick response.

> True; we had the same problem here. However, at the time when the binaries
> were being made (at my site), it was not possible to make a set on a 
> machine with mips-3 architecture. I am currently preparing an extra binary
> set.  It should be available soon at http://tug.org/texlive.

Since I haven't had to do this myself, I can't be a 100% sure about

You can create mips-3 binaries on a mips-4 bases machine such as
an O2/Onyx etc.  All you have to do is give the -mips3 flag to both
the compiler and the linker.  If you want to test this, maybe you can
build a simple helloworld executable this way and send it to me for

BTW, same is true for the pdftex executables on the pdftex home site.
(i.e. they are for mips4 architecture)


Himanshu Gohel, gohel@csee.usf.edu