TL5d buglets

Peter Flynn
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 10:04:01 +0100 (BST)

I just got my stack of CD-ROMs when I got back from Oxford
(BTW again thanks to Sebastian et al for an excellent conference).

The quick install is great, just two minor gripes:

a. It goes too far: you can't select the drive (and it doesn't check
   for disk space). My Windoze box is partitioned into C/D/E/F/G and
   C is almost full, so it tries to install and then dies.

b. On another machine with plenty of space it installed everything
   and got as far as the window with the checkboxes on saying it had
   run mktexlsr etc...but the only active button was Cancel. The
   Next button was greyed out. This effectively makes it impossible
   to complete the installation.

The other installations seem fine, I'm documenting them now. There is,
however, a serious problem with the in that a whole bunch
of lines have a reference to 8r.enc without the less-than sign before
it (and the 8r.enc occurs _after_ the pfb filename instead of
before). grep for '\ 8r.enc' to find them. This makes Bookman and
Avant Garde unusable (I use Bookman, which is how I found the

Having edited the file, I now get hundreds of error lines from gsftopk
saying ps: ps: ps: ps: ps: over and over again whenever it tries to
generate a missing screen bitmap for windvi. Is there a corruption in