TeX Live 5c, bugs wrt/ PSNFSS

Walter Schmidt Walter Schmidt" <walter.schmidt@arcormail.de
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 15:14:17 +0200 (MSZ)

Dear TeXLive team,

I have just received a copy of the TeX Live 5c CD-ROM.
I'm sorry for having to report two bugs, affecting PSNFSS:


You are providing new PSNFSS v8.1, which includes the 
LaTeX package mathpple and the related fd, tfm and vf 
files.  However, the fd, tfm and vf files of the 
previous stand-alone mathpple package are still present:

The new files reside in:


The obsolete files reside in:


Thus, it is a question of chance, which version will
be actually used!

My installation instructions of the PSNFSS v8.1,
to be found in texmf/doc/latex/psnfss00readme.txt,
clearly say:

  * The "mathpple" bundle was distributed and installed
  separately so far; it is now part of PSNFSS.  In case it was
  installed, the following directories must be removed now:

As to the tfm and vf files, these are not exactly the 
directories where _you_ keep the old version, but I refer
to the directory names as suggested by TDS and by the 
installation instructions of the "old" mathpple.

The font map files for dvips and pdftex are lacking the
entries for the Helvetica-Narrow fonts, which belong to the 
"Base35" font set and are always supported by PSNFSS.
[ Why didn't you simply build your psfonts.map files upon 
the sample file psnfss.map, which is distributed as part 
of the new PSNFSS v8.1 bundle? ]  



Walter Schmidt
Schornbaumstrasse 2,  91052 Erlangen,  Germany