lug letters

Sebastian Rahtz
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 17:10:37 +0100 (BST)

Karl Berry writes:
 > - Sebastian, please check over the first paragraph especially and let us
 >   know what systems are being supported.

 > TeX Live 4 is almost ready!  It will have a runnable system for all
 > major Unix variants (including both Linux libc5 and libc6) and Windows
 > 32 (Windows NT, 95, and 98) systems.  It also will include archives of
 > CMacTeX (for Mac users), emTeX (for Windows 3.1 or OS/2 users), and
 > djgpptex (alternative for Windows 3.1 or earlier).  Aladdin Ghostscript
 > 5.50, imagemagick, and winedt are included.  Support for FreeBSD, NeXT,
 > and Amiga, as well as the MikTeX distribution, is not included due
 > solely to lack of space.

TeX Live 5 is almost ready!  It has a runnable system for major Unix
variants (SGI, Sun, IBM, Compaq, HP), Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows 32
(Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000) systems.  It also has an archive of emTeX
(for Windows 3.1 or OS/2 users), but no Macintosh version (due to
licensing restrictions). Gnu Ghostscript 5.50 and Gnu Emacs are
included, along with many other useful utilities.