task list for manufacturing and distributing TeX Live

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 00:23:20 -0700

At the recent ExComm meeting I promised to post a list of the tasks
involved with the manufacturing and distribution of TeX Live. These
tasks were carried out for TL4 by Patricia Monohon and me. Mimi Jett has
expressed her preference for the office to handle these tasks for TL5.

1. Determine the publication date of TUGboat 20.1. This issue will carry
TeX Live 5, and if the timing is appropriate, possibly CTAN (3-CD set)
as well. It has to be sufficiently thick (in page count) to  provide
sufficient protection for the CDs that would be inserted.

2. Obtain bids for the pressing of the TL5 CDs, based on the volume of
CDs produced last year, with adjustments to anticipate changes in the
ordering levels between last year and this. The specifications for the
CD-ROM should include: one CD-ROM, approximate quantity, 2-color label,
paper sleeve.

3. Determine TUG's order size. This entails in effect doing a count of
current members and making a prediction of how many units will be
required over and above this amount to cover additional orders received
up to the point where TL6 replaces TL5.

4. Determine pricing. TL4 was sold using a 2-tier pricing scheme such
that the larger user groups, such as TUG, Dante, UKTuG, NTG, and
GUTenberg paid a somewhat higher price (including shipping at cost), and
smaller groups such as CSTug, etc. paid cost (with free shipping).
Commercial entities pay at the higher rate.

5. Draft solicitation letter and submit to texlive@tug.org for feedback.
This is the letter that is sent (via email) to past customers and to
anyone else who should be interested in quantity purchases of TL.

6. Send out solicitation letter; follow up with each recipient. Last
year, GUTenberg's letter went into a black hole, so we should learn the
lesson: if you don't get a response, follow up.

7. Obtain and test gold master.

8. Generate artwork for CD label. Should be in the form of pre-separated
EPS, with alignment targets.

9. Submit order for pressing of the CDs. The manufacturer should drop
ship to the larger recipients. They will recharge us for the shipping costs.

10. Invoice recipients.

11. Prepare report, including quantity, contact, date, amount charged
for each recipient.

Anyone see any holes here, please let me know so I can revise this task list.

Arthur Ogawa