[tug-board] Dante's offer of a Sun computer (Was: texlive machine)

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After the closing ceremonies at EuroTeX, the presidents or representitives of
the local TUGs met for 2 hours to discuss various items of business. Among them
was the pending vote of the TUG board to purchase a computer for the development
of TeX Live. Volker Schaa mentioned that Dante had offered a Sun workstation to
the team approx. 18 months ago. The machine is still available at the university
computing center if we want it. This sounds like a generous offer, and would
free up our discretionary funds for other development projects*.  Unless the TL
team has some objection, I would like to suspend the idea of purchasing a new
machine and ask them to contact Volker to work out the details. Thank you to the
members of Dante!

*The team working on NTS has sent out a request for assistance in funding the
final stages of development of the New Typesetting System. Based on the
demonstration given in Heidelberg by Karel Skoupy and the entire team, I would
have to say that this is the most fundamental thing being worked on anywhere in
our community. The whole of TeX has been broken down into Java modules that work
together to produce identical results with TeX through an entirely new path.
Many think TeX was way before its time, I agree. This 20-year headstart has
allowed us to really understand what it is and how it works. I am amazed that
this NTS was started 8 years ago, before they know Java would exist to make it
possible.  Dante has supported the efforts for years. At this time, NTG has also
pledged support, and I will ask the board of TUG to do the same. The official
target release date is TUG'2000 in Oxford, but support will be needed for
another 2-3 years following that. The goal is to raise $20,000 per year to
support the full-time employment of Karel in the Czech Republic, with some
administrative support, and the meeting expenses of the team.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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Arthur Ogawa <ogawa@teleport.com>@tug.org on 09/27/99 10:03:08 AM

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Philip Taylor (RHBNC) wrote:

> > Phil Talyor wrote:
> > > In favour, provided that the offer from Dante e.V. does
> > > not make the purchase unnecessary.

> Ogawa wrote:
> > Phil, I do not recall seeing an offer from Dante, e.V., or
> > mention of such an offer. Can you please help me?

> Ah, I hoped Mimi would report on this;
> Dante e.V. have apparently offered a spare
> Sun some time ago, to which no-one responded.
> At the TUG/LUG meeting in Heidelberg, the offer
> was repeated, and Mimi expressed interest on
> behalf of TUG and/or TeX Live.  ** Phil.

Thanks, Phil. I have changed the subject line and have included Dante in the

Perhaps Dante or Mimi can let the rest of the TUG board know more details
about the offer?

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