tex live 4 order?

Karl Berry tex-live@tug.org
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:50:48 -0500 (EST)

    In view of the TUGboat-style redistribution policy for TL4, I would like to

I guess the message was not clear.  The TUGboat permissions do not apply
to TL4.  They would apply to some hypothetical journal or newsletter or
something that gets distributed *with* TL4.  It's Peter Deutsch's
restriction for Ghostscript.  I believe the idea is that people should
not have to pay for something *else* in order to get TL4.

    order a minimal quantity of 30 or so fresh copies (your minimum
    order?) that we could use up quickly, and then do our own
    duplication thereafter.  

You're welcome to order however many or few you want, but doing your own
duplication does not change the copying or redistribution conditions
... Not sure if this was clear originally, so I'll say it up front here :).

If you can get ~5000-6000 CD's duplicated and into sleeves for less than
about $0.70 per piece, we'd like to know so we can save money next time :).