draft of tex live letter to lugs

Patricia Monohon tex-live@tug.org
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 16:41:03 -0800

> Before this can be sent, we still need to determine the final price info
> after Pat gets us the sleeve/jacket cost.

the paper sleeve is stock, the plastic will have to be special ordered.
paper is $0.12 per unit which includes insertion and paper sleeve with
flap with window.  the total price for cd with sleeve is $0.70.
turnaround is 3-5 working days upon receipt of gold master and film to

duane sent me eps files and i have put them on the tug machine under
/home/monohon for art to grab and use.

> Also need to figure out some way to approximate the shipping cost.
> I'll work on that later today.

tnt will charge us $7.20/pound +0.58 per piece (box) anywhere
outside the us/canada...so ups might be less expensive in some cases.
i will weigh cd+sleeve tonight and get an idea of quantity/pound.